Castaspella, Flutterina, Peekablue - Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figures

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Today it's time for some of my earlier customs again. I already showed you Catra and Glimmer which I made vintage toy inspired versions of. This time it's Castaspella, Peekablue and Flutterina.

Castaspella was a little tricky to do, because the orange paint just wouldn't stick. It was a real pain to get that color right and I had to paint it over and over again. In the end it turned out pretty o.k. I guess, but could have been better if I used some better color. Anyway, I think it gives you a good impression on how great she could look if released in her vintage toy colors.

I attached a picture of the figure next to her Classics counterpart (so you directly can see what changes I made) as well as a picture with her vintage counterpart (so you can see why).

As for the next figure, Peekablue, I understand why they went yellow with the golden parts of this figure in the cartoon version, but in Classics I think they should have gone back to gold like on the original figure. Well, they didn't, so I changed that and I really think it looks better :)

I also added some of the details to her boots and chest to match the vintage figure better.

Flutterina I think turned out pretty well in Classics and I just made very little changes on that figure - I guess you can't even call it a custom figure with these tiny color changes, but see yourself:

I simply added some lilac details on her belt and neck and made her chest symbol match the color.

What do you think? Do you prefer the vintage toy look or the cartoon look of the POP figures? Let me know in the comments :)

P.S.: If you haven't already checked out my latest custom figure "Skeletor Head", just click HERE or use this url:

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