Demon Skeletor - A Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

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This is the 3rd time I made one of these and this time I'm finally satisfied with the result.

Since Demo-Man was released back in 2011, I wanted to make some kind of green Skeletor custom figure, but something always felt wrong:

My fist one used the Alcala-head on the Demo-Man body. I repainted the hood to brown to match Demo's clothes. It was nice, but didn't look quite right.

The second time I used Demo-Man's body again, changed the clothes/armour, using  Skeletor's ones now and used the Alcala-head. That one was pretty okay, but just somehow wasn't what I wanted.

In this 3rd (and final) Version, I again used Demo Man's body, but changed his arms to Skelli-arms and repainted them. Instead of using the Alcala head, I used the BA-Skeletor head. Now I think he has the right looks. What do you think?

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