Faker - A Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

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This time I'll show you 2 of my easier customs. Well, they are more like "mix and match" then real customizing, but see yourself :)

Blue Faker

On this one I used the regular Faker body with Faceless's boots, BA-Skeletor's armour, the weapons pack's He-Man weapons and the 3rd party Darkdimensions store Faker head. The skin colour of the face doesn't match the body exactly, but it looks worse on the photo than it looks like in reality.

Orange Faker

This is simply just BA-Faker where I exchanged the head with the one that came with NA-Skeletor. I also gave him Palace Guard's boots and Weapons Pack's weapons.

You see, not much customizing here, but still pretty nice variants I guess :)

Looking at these pictures now, it reminds me I definately have to remove dust from my figures someday soon  ^_^

What do you think of these? Do you like to make similar mix and match figures or full custom figures yourself? I'd be happy to see them and if you like, even post them here on my blog for you. Feel free to leave a comment :) 

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