Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figures: Jade & Onyx

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I wish Galoobs Blackstar and Golden Girl (Guardians of the Gemstones) would make it into the modern Masters of the Universe (MotU) Classics collector's toyline someday, but I doubt this will ever gonna happen as those 80's action figure toys came from a different company and who knows who owns the rights today.

Anyway, I think those figures would fit great into the MotU universe, so I made 2 custom figures loosely based on those Golden Girl designs from the 80's myself using MotU Classics parts. Those characters I chose to make are Jade and Onyx.

As for Jade I know, I changed a lot compared to the original figure, but I was limited as I don't do no sculpting myself, but only use pre-existing parts, re-arrange and repaint them.

I really thought about changing the face paint, but I was afraid I'd ruin it...I'm soooo bad at painting faces, especially eyes.  Finally I dared and re-did her eye shadow. I think the green looks so much better - and it was easier to do than I thought it would be.

As you can see, I first planned to make her body more toy accurate with the white boots and bracelets, but somehow it didn't look good, so I added a little green to jazz it up, but with the peppermint color it really didn't look right then, so I discarded the whole Idea and went with the green/yellow you see on the final figure.

...well as I had the peppermint body leftover then and as I somehow liked it, I started something really spontanious and I really didn't know where it went, til' I finished it - but that's another story and I will show you the result in a few days :)

As for Onyx, I again changed a lot compared to the original figure, but I again just haven't the possibilities to make a "real" Onyx, so I tried for the closest I could get to capture her looks.


I made this figure much erlier then the Jade figure and I had much less experience in customizing back then, so she's much more "rough" but still pretty o.k. I guess.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think :)

If you haven't already checked out my Scratchin' Sound Catra custom figure and are interested, just click on the "custom figures" label or use this url:

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