The making of Scratchin' Sound Catra - A Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figure

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Ever since the first POP* Figures were released in the MotU**-Classics line, I was hoping for Scratchin' Sound Catra to be released in this line. For those who don't know: The MotU-Classics line is a collector's line of action figures, based on those classic Masters of the Universe and related toys of the 80's.
(*POP = Princess of Power, a MotU sub-line in the 80's / ** MotU = Masters of the Universe)

I guess the reason why I desired her release in this line so much is that to me she was my "real/basic" catra when I was a kid:

The MotU and the POP toys were released in "waves" and each wave usually contained a variation of the main hero and the main villian. They did not sell the wave 1 figures here in Germany, so no one here knew there even existed a wave 1 catra (same with wave 1 she-ra & starburst she-ra)...well, maybe some people did know, but there was no internet back then or any other easy information source, besides I was "just a kid" back then.

So as a child Scratchin' Sound Catra was how "real" Catra looked like to me with a pink body, silver tiger-like stripes, grey skirt and pink cat-mask. I did not know about a red dressed, bare legged, black skirt catra with a cape at all.

Well, the Classics line is running for about 7 years now and to me it seems chances are getting lower and lower she'll ever get produced in Classics.

The line is of course contains a Catra figure, but that one is based on her Filmation cartoon looks which again is based on her wave 1 toy looks, so quite a while ago I decided, I have to make/build/customize/whatever a Catra figure based on her Scratchin' Sound variation (wave 2) myself. But how?

I'm not a huge talent when it comes to customizing. I have some experience and some of the stuff I made before wasn't too bad, but this one seemed like a more complicated project. I had no Idea how I could sculpt the chest symbol, create the tiger stripes and all those details required for that figure, plus all female bodies with furry pants that have been released in that line and whose pants I'd have to use for my custom figure, don't match the body of the "Sweet Bee" figure, I'd definately had to use for the upper part of my custom.

I delayed and delayed, but always kept in mind I want a Scratchin' Sound Catra in my collection.

About 3 or 4 years ago I started custominzing sporadically and - I have to honestly tell you - I was really really bad at it. I used the wrong colors, the wrong brushes, I knew nothing about techniques, I had no patience etc.

But my "talent" evolved with time (at least a little). There are definately much more talented people out there who are way upon my amateurish level of customizing, but I became confident enough to finally start working on my Scratchin' Sound Catra and some ideas came up how I could solve the obvious problems, mentioned before.

It took quite a while, but I finally finished the figure and I have to confess: I'm pretty proud of how she turned out.

Could some more talented guy have made her better? Yes, definately, but I did the best I can do and I like the result and I'm so happy to finally have a Scratchin' Sound Catra (or - for she makes no sounds* - let's just call her "Scratchin' Catra") in my collection.
*the 80s toy version made scratching sounds when moving her arm up and down 

As you probably have noticed...(if not: well she's on the picture above)...I made a Clawdeen figure (that pink lion that was also part of the 80s POP toyline), too. I (obviously) used Battle Lion as a base, changed a few details and repainted it, so Catra is in good company now :)

I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you like my custom, leave a comment. If you don't like it, you can leave a comment, too of course, but I hope you will like it :) If you want to see more of my custom work, just let me know and I'll do more posts like this :)

P.S.: If this custom figure looks somehow familiar to you, yes: you might have seen it on or, where I also posted a few of my custom figures before :)

Here's a link to the index page of my customs I posted here (so far): Motu-Index

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