Fayette - A Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

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As I mentioned in the other post before, this figure started as Golden Girl's "Jade" figure, but went a completely different way in the end.
(If you haven't checked out my Jade & Onyx custom figures, just click on "customs" label/tag or use this url: https://robin0377.blogspot.de/2017/03/masters-of-universe-classics-custom.html)

I first planned to make that Jade figure toy accurate with white boots and bracelets, but somehow it didn't look good.

I added a little green to jazz it up, but with the peppermint color it really didn't look right then compared to Jade's otherwise Green/Yellow painting, so I skipped the "peppermint body" and went with a completely other one.

...well as I had the peppermint body leftover then and as I somehow liked it, I started something really spontanious and I really didn't know where it went, til' I finished it. I had some spare parts lying around and just tried and mixed and really didn't know how I wanted the final figure to look like. I went piece by piece and when I finally put it together I really liked the result.


Who is she? I guess I call her Fayette as she looks a little fairy like. I really like how she turned out in the end and that though I used and repainted a lot of parts from the Sweet Bee figure, she looks like a character of her own (at least I think she does).

What do you think of Fayette? Feel free to leave a comment :)

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