Roboto - A Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

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With this custom, I wanted to make use of the 200x Roboto head that came with the heads of Eternia set.

As I thought it would be rather boring to display it on the regular Roboto body (as this one is already on my shelf with the regular head), I created a new body for him.

It's a little based on the 200x version of Roboto (as this is the 200x head this was obvious), but not totally. Though it's not a huge difference to the regular Roboto, I think the makeover suits him well.

As I did not want to "destroy" a Roboto figure for this (I'm not loony - these are expensive), I chose to use a Cy-Chop body, Optikk legs and Horde Prime arms as I had those in my craft crate anyway.

I couldn't decide if I want to do a color-wash on the silver parts like the original one has (you can see the darker lines on the silver paint pretty good on the comparison photo) or just leave him this way. 
In the end I decided not to do a wash so he would be a little more different to his counterpart, but I'm still not sure if I'll stick with this.

What do you think of this custom? Feel free to leave a comment :)
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