Unboxing this month's Zbox "Genius"

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1.)  Zbox Introduction (you can skip this if you already read another of my Zbox unboxing posts :))

For those who don't know: The Zbox from Zavvi is a monthly surprise box for comic geeks, nerds and all people who have fun with stuff like superheroes, action-figures, video games, collectibles, comics etc.

You can order your Zbox from Zavvi's website once a month, or you can subscribe and get your box automatically every month. With every Zbox you get a t-shirt guaranteed plus various surprise items all together at a very nice price.

Sometimes you get fantastic stuff, sometimes...well not so fantastic stuff, but it's always fun and the stuff you get is always worth more than you pay for the box, so I say: Go for it :)
I personally love it to get my Zbox month by month and it's always something I'm looking forward to.

Every Zbox comes with a certain motto (like Marvel Universe, Super Heroines, Dark vs Light, Undead, Mystical etc.). This months motto is: Genuis.

With every Zbox you receive the Zbox magazine. The magazine holds some information on the stuff that's inside the box and it's front motive is also the motive of the t-shirt you get.


2.) The Unboxing

The first thing I discovered when I opened the box is the mini-poster and that it's broken at the upper edge :(

Anyway, the damage is not too bad and I can still use it. I really like this time's artwork a lot (Sherlock) and I will have it on my wall.

Here's the t-shirt (same great artwork). Instead of the blue colour they used on the poster, they used a white colour for this.  I like the blue better, but this is pretty good, too.

Then I grab a tin can from the box. This can looks pretty familiar as a few months ago there was a can just like this inside the Zbox. Though I like the DC Bombshells, I think it's a little lame, getting another one in a Zbox.

This time it's Harley Quinn inside the Bombshell. Well, at least a character that's fun, but please: No more Bombshells in the future, don't repeat yourself like this.

Next thing inside the box is a little cardboard box. It sais "Pixel" on the outside and has a question mark on it...obviously it's a mystery box. On the top it say's "The Big Bang Theory". So obviously it's a "Big Bang Theory" mystery box :)

Inside that box is a plastic figure which looks a little like a giant Lego figure. It's Rajesh from the Big Bang TV show.

Last thing inside the box is a vinyl record. A single containing 2 tracks from the Iron Man movie.

Though I'm not that much into those Iron Man movies, it's a pretty fun collectible. And best about this:

 ...it's in gorgeous red vinyl. I'm really a sucker for coloured vinyl and I immediately played it to see this red beauty spinning around.

Well, this months box is again a pretty mixed bag and to me it's one of the weaker ones. But I love the shirt and that alone is worth the price to me :) Also, I framed the poster. The damage is not too visible and it still looks pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm still looking forward to next month's box which will be a "knight" box. I'm hoping for some "Game of Thrones", or "Robin Hood" stuff, something like that...well, we'll see :)

What do you think of this month's box? Are you a Zboxer, too? Do you think the content was good or rather weak this time? Let me know in the comments :)

P.S.: If you missed last month's unboxing, just click HERE

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