Despara - Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figures

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To be honest, I never really liked the character Despara at all. A Hordak look-a-like face mask? What is it made of? Hordaks dead wife's head or something? I never liked the masked Adora idea and I still don't think it looks good. 

Neither did I like the short haired Adora (or Despara, whatever) nore her comic storyline (Hey, you killed thousands of our people brutally and destroyed half of Eternia, but now that your memories suddenly came back and in a blink of an eye, we forget about all the killing and you're our new best friend, yeah).

Anyway, I was a little mixing and matching and playing around. When I had Adoras regular head on Desparas body then, I thought it suited her very well and decided to keep her that way. The only thing I changed then was to paint those black stripes onto her face and give her the cartoon sword from Evil Mike (I once bought that from Shapeways).

You see, not much "real customizing" here, but I think she looks pretty cool this way.

As I had the short haired head left then and didn't want to leave it on Adora's body (though it looks kind of interesting) I somewhen decided to built a body for that head.

I used parts from different figures, like Frosta, Huntara and Carnivus, mixed them up and repainted them.

I still do not like the character, but it was fun playing around with it a little.

And here she is seen next to a very early Adora/Despara custom variant I made once. For that figure I used 3rd party accessoires: Kevin Kosse's custom head and Evil Mike's crossbow.

What do you think of these Despara variants? Let me know in the comments :)

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