Glimmer - A Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure

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This time I'd like to show you a figure I call "Battleground Glimmer". Obviously she's heavily influenced by her vintage toy design.

As I grew up with the toys and did not know/see the cartoon until years later, the toy design is the definitive design of these characters to me.
I can tell you, I was shocked when I first saw what they did to the looks of the figures in the cartoon.

Yes, many changes must have been made because of costs, the limitation of a cartoon-series and the figures had to be "easier" to draw, but I never got why some of the figures were changed so drastically that they don't even look any like their toy counterpart anymore. In some cases even like they are completely different characters.

Anyway, not all cartoon characters look bad, but the toy-looks and colors just were better (more fitting, more logical, more in tone) least in my eyes.

I think Glimmer is one of those characters, where the cartoon completely did screw up. I do understand, that they can't portray silver in a cartoon, so instead of chosing grey, they chose a friendlier color (blue) and I think they might have changed the pink to purple because she shouldn't look too much like their portrayal of Angella. But they even deleted her most recognizable feature (the curly hair) and made her overall look like an 80s-aerobic-techer instead of an action figure.

Anyway, here's my take on Glimmer trying to take her closer to her origin-toy-look. I have limited possibilities, but I hope you like it and leave some feedback.

Note: The credit of the sword doesn't go to me. I bought it from evilmike's shapeways shop. He designed it after that vintage toy sword some of the POP figures and some of the fantastic fashions came with in the 80's.

P.S.: If you haven't already checked out my latest custom figure "Swift Wind", just click on "customs" label/tag or use this url:

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