Swift Wind - A Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figure

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In addition to my other vintage-toy-color-inspired custom POP figures, I also re-edited Swift Wind.

She-Ra's winged unicorn's colors were heavily edited from it's toy version to the cartoon version on which the Classics figure is based.

I didn't necessarely want a vintage colored Swift Wind, but I had a spare one and was curious what he might look like in vintage colors.


In the end he looks surprisingly good (at least in my eyes) and I'm very satisfied with the result. I like to display him with Bubble Power She-Ra, whom I gave regular She-Ra's head and a reworked Mask. I think their colors match well and that she looks pretty good on this Swift Wind variant.

For the main part I used Vallejo colors which I find pretty easy to work with. For the golden parts I used Revell Email Color. Those are more "drastic" and more uncomfortable to handle, but for golden, silver or other metallic parts I like to use them anyway.

What do you think of this repaint? Let me know in the comments :)

And P.S.: If you haven't already checked out my latest custom figure "Entrapta", just click on "customs" label/tag or use this url:  https://robin0377.blogspot.de/2017/04/entrapta-masters-of-universe-classics.html

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