Angella - A Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figure

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Well, I pretty much messed up this one (but I show you anyway :))

I wanted to make a more vintage toy accurate Angella figure, but in the end, I'm not satisfied.
While making her, everything that possibly could go wrong, did go wrong.

Some things I was able to get fixed, others I couldn't. The sculpting of the ponytail didn't work out as I wanted it to, it even broke, the paint just didn't want to cover and when it finally did there were so many layers already, that it came off again. This figure is cursed I swear :)

I felt like a real beginner again with this  - even the skin color (which I used like 100 times before, problemfree) just won't stay at the joints and comes off with every movement...this figure is a nightmare, really.

Even the wash on the wings (which usually is a rather easy thing to do) didn't want to turn out as beautiful as I thought it would (or wanted it to be)...also I wish I was able to make her a pink/transparent culottes, like the vintage toy had.

I want to show this figure to you anyway, because (even if it's one of my worst customs) it shows again, how much better the POPs would have looked like in their toy colors.

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