A Throne For Hordak - A Masters of the Universe Classics Custom

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Yes, all those Filmation fans won't like it much, but I never saw the Evil Horde as Filmation portrayed them. In my mind they are much more savage and wild.

In my imagination the Evil Horde lives in the woods, marsh or swamps of Eternia at the Fright Zone (the playset Fright Zone, not the cartoon Fright Zone), somewhere "good" people never go.

If you get lost in the woods and get there, you'll never come back. There are animal like monsters who are barely human at all. No Filmation Mantenna, but a really spider-like creature, no Filmation Grizzlor, but a really cruel beast-like creature etc.

Whatever, to me the Filmation throne doesn't fit Hordak and I once saw a custom on the internet some years ago where someone took the Seiya Myth Cloth Hades Shun Throne and turned it into a Hordak throne. I thought this was a perfect match and since then wanted one for myself.

I bought a Seiya Myth Cloth Hades Shun Throne, but then...well...I'm lazy. I had it sitting around here for (2? 3?) years and now I finally painted it. I like the result and think it gives Hordak a much darker tone than the Filmation throne does. I imagine the throne standing in some old castle ruins or something.

For the black I used Patio Paint which is a good and solid black colour you can perfectly use as a base. For the grey dry brushing and the red details I used Vallejo Model Color, which are my main colors to use.

That Hordak figure you see on the pictures is a little mix/match one. I used regular Hordaks body and chest armour with Hurricane Hordaks Head/Hood. I also gave him Buzz Saw Hordak's boots and loincloth. I cut the upper part of his staff, painted the ball and placed the little bat on there.

What do you think of this custom? I appreciate your thoughts, let me know what you think in the comments :)

P.S.: If you haven't already checked out my latest custom figure, just click HERE or use this url:  https://robin0377.blogspot.de/2017/04/mer-man-and-his-minions-masters-of.html

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