Entrapta - A Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figure

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My original goal was it to make a vintage toy accurate Entrapta figure. Well, I scrapped that idea along the way, but made a figure "closer to the toy" but with some twists.

It's not that I'm not satisfied with the released Classics figure (except she shouldn't have that red horde symbol on her chest) and to be honest, Entrapta is one of the few POP figures that I'm pretty fine with in classics, but I was curious what she would look like in toy colors.

Basically, all there was to do was to repaint the chest from purple to gold and you know what? That looked really boring.

It looked fine on the vintage figure (maybe because of the smaller figure size or something), but I totally understand now, why the designers changed that for the classics line.

As I wasn't satisfied with my toy-Entrapta then, I decided to make some changes. I repainted the
thunderbolts on her chest for example, re-cut the skirt, added some highlights etc. It was a little tricky removing the red symbol on her chest and replacing it with a jewel, but in the end now, I'm pretty satisfied with the figure.

I must admit, I like the darker gold on the classics figure better than the pale gold I used for the repaint, but the pale color is closer to the vintage toy I think, except it's less shiny.

 What do you think of this Entrapta variant? Let me know in the comments :)

And P.S.: If you haven't already checked out my latest custom figure "Pink Sorceress", just click on "customs" label/tag or use this url:  https://robin0377.blogspot.de/2017/04/pink-sorceress-masters-of-universe.html

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