Mer-Man and his Minions - Masters of the Universe Classics

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With some of those Masters of the Universe Classics figures, many fun variations are possible as they come with extra heads and/or aceessoires. Not much customizing today, but just a little playing around. Here are my versions of Mer-Man :)

On the picture above you see (left to right): Blue Mer-Man as he came with the DC-2-Pack. I added a custom painted shield / Original Mer-Man / Mer-Man with alternate head that came with the figure. I swapped his feet to yellow and gave him that weapon's pack shield.

On the picture above you see Mer-Man wearing his golden weapon's pak armour. I repainted his face to match the colour better and gave him orange boots. Next to him is Blue Mer-Man, but this time I repainted his original green head to blue.

In addition to these, here's Clawful. I slightly just repainted his chest armour and gave him the 200x head from the head pack.

What do you think of these? Do you like to mix and match and/or customize, too? Let me know in the comments. And if you haven't already checked out my latest custom figure "Despara", just click HERE or use this url:

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