New head for Skeletor - Masters of the Universe Classics Custom

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I was bored and had some spare parts around, so I started playing around a little.

I grabbed a Preternian Disguise He-Man's hood and a NA-Skeletor head. I was curious if the head would fit into that hood. Well, it didn't. Getting it in there was a real challenge and some modifications had to be made, but in the end it worked out.

As I kind of liked it, I painted the hood to match Skeletors regular purple color, but I still thought it was a little lame to just have this face in there, so I started to repaint the face.

I'm not totally excited about this one, but at least I find it interesting enough to share it with you

By the way: Here's a close up of the repainted havoc staff. I made this just for fun. I know the purple is not quite right, but it was a nice "experiment", too :)

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