Sy-Clone: Masters of the Universe Custom Figures - 200x & Blue Variants

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Yes, I know, many of you think the 200x variations, repaints and alternates are to blame for the "death" of the whole re-boot line back then and yes, I do think that too.

Nontheless, I think there were at least some very interesting variants and repaints in that line. The majority of them was pointless, but those who gave the characters a completely new point, I found very enjoyable.

I tried to transfer some variants as well as some of the repaints into motu-classics and I think they do very well. This time I'd like to show you my Sy-Clone repaint.

I made him look very close to his 200x counterpart, if not 100% correct (always need a little "personal twist" of mine).

I display this figure with a custom head I once bought from a german 3rd party website/customizer. I don't remember who it was (if you recognize your work, please contact me and I'll add your name to this), but you should know that the alternate head is NOT made by me. I just did the repaint on the figure itself.

As I had another spare Sy-Clone figure, I also did a blue version of it just for fun. I repainted all the yellow parts with light blue and gave him new boots.

Here are some WIP pics:

What do you think of these repaints? Let me know in the comments :)

And P.S.: If you haven't already checked out my latest custom figure "Roboto", just click on "customs" label/tag or use this url:

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